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  • 米卡斯油封應用于機器人行業

    High-Tech Sealing Solutions for the Automation Industry

    All-Round Engineering for the Manufacturing of the Future

    Manufacturers are using smaller, faster and more efficient robots and co-bots to improve production efficiency and make operating conditions safer and easier for workers. These advanced automation systems also must endure extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals, all of which requires greater sealing performance. MKC offers comprehensive sealing solutions for all types of robots, in all conditions, facing all challenges. Excellent seal effectiveness prevents leaks and the resulting machine breakdowns – reliably and lastingly. Costly downtime is eliminated. Service and repair expenses are also noticeably reduced.

    Reliability & Lifetime

    Precision Work Around the Clock

    24/7 – this numerical symbol illustrates what industrial robots are all about: they are in continuous operation and perform their work around the clock. With dynamics and rapid acceleration, in alternating rotational directions, quickly and extremely precisely. Standstill is not an option. Whether they are used in manufacturing or to paint cars or bottle beverages: defects could paralyze entire lines. In the operating room of a hospital, the failure of automated technology could even be life-threatening in nature.

    Downsizing & Lightweight

    Installation Space and Weight: Less Is More

    Downsizing and lightweight design are requirements that TaiWan MKC Sealing Technologies has been meeting in the automotive industry for decades with its latest sealing solutions. This innovative strength, based on expertise and experience, also plays a very important role in automation technology. Shorter cycle times, higher payloads: the performance profile of industrial robots is constantly growing. Conversely, the installation space available for seals is decreasing as the requirements increase. Space is at a premium anyway in compact filigree cobots.

    Challenging Applications & Special Environments

    From Heavily Contaminated to Hygienically Clean

    Automation technology is finding its way into more and more industries. Their environmental conditions and requirement profiles differ diametrically in some cases. Dust and dirt are part of everyday work in the construction industry. In foundries, high temperatures are an additional factor. In washing cabins, six-arm robots have to withstand huge quantities of water, acids and alkalis during high-pressure cleaning. Sealing solutions from TaiWan MKC Sealing Technologies are ready for this. The required IP protection classes can be achieved with them.

    Energy Efficiency

    Efficiency Means Precision

    Maximum precision is crucial in the field of robotics. Work is carried out automatically on a recurring basis, precisely to the tenth or even hundredth of a millimeter. All sources of interference must be eliminated. One of these is power loss, which affects the pinpoint positioning capability of an industrial robot. Applied to sealing technology, this means that the seals must operate with as little friction as possible. Optimizing performance in this way is also energy-efficient and reduces wear and operating costs. aiWan MKC Sealing Technologies has developed pioneering low-friction sealing solutions. They bring the attributes of robust and durable with low-friction and energy-efficient to a common denominator: for accurate automated work processes with maximum precision.

    Engineering Services

    Innovating Together

    The seal testing centers in Taiwan and the Kunshan are key components of Taiwan MKC Sealing Technologies’ development expertise, innovative strength and quality philosophy. Here, customer-specific new developments demonstrate their performance in terms of pressure, temperature, media resistance, friction behavior and wear: in dynamic load tests at up to 33,000 rpm; in some cases in uninterrupted continuous stress over months. 

    Special attention is paid to the interaction of lubricants – including additives – with seals and rotating shafts. Only in-depth knowledge of the interaction between the rotating shaft, elastomer, oils and greases enables the development of durable and reliable solutions for highly stressed automation technology. 

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